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Attract new diners to your restaurant

Takeout, deliver or dine-in. Let us show you how to get discovered by hungry diners on Yelp, the #1 site1 for diners looking for restaurants like yours.

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Get found where your customers are looking

More people visit Yelp to find a place to eat than any other review site.

Yelp reaches 8x more people than OpenTable1
1Yelp reaches 37.8% of the digital population of the United States, OpenTable reaches 4.6%. (comScore, Key Measures Report, Jan 2018)


Reach an audience of your most likely diners

Use keyword and area targeting to make sure your ad is getting in front of the perfect audience.

Reach 3x more customers with Yelp Ads2

2Based on the weighted average of advertisers who spent between $200 and $1200 per month on Yelp Ads over a three-month period).


Boost your Ads conversion rate by adding Waitlist, Reservations, and Connect

Turn more clicks and page visits into guests with engaging content and eye-catching calls to action on your page and in search results.

Discover other ways to reach and seat more diners

Yelp offers a range of solutions priced to fit your needs. See how you can put Yelp to work for your business.


Improve your flow with table management software

Book and manage walk-ins, waitlists and reservations seamlessly.

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Build lasting relationships with Yelp Connect

Share updates with a personalized audience tailored to your restaurant.

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Discover how you can attract more new diners with Yelp Ads

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1 – Nielsen for Yelp, US consumer survey, 9/2016